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Beach Boot Camp

Join me on top of Tankerton Slopes for an energizing training session that kicks off with panoramic views.
Over the course of 60 minutes, you'll engage your entire body in a dynamic workout designed to maximize results.

My approach blends both aerobic and anaerobic intensity, ensuring a comprehensive workout that pushes your limits while accommodating your fitness level. From brisk walks to heart-pounding runs, you'll explore a range of movement skills tailored to suit individual needs.

As you descend to the beachfront, get ready to tackle a series of exercises including squats, presses, twists, jumps, and hops – all customizable to your fitness level and all with many variables to keep you on your toes.
Whether you're aiming for high intensity or prefer a more moderate approach, you'll be covered.

The upcoming sessions consist of a 5-session block priced at £50, with options available for all abilities. Contact now to jump straight into the next sessions.

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