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Personal Training

Personal Training offers tailored one-on-one health and fitness coaching designed to guide you towards your desired outcomes. My approach ensures you work at the optimal intensity level, following a customized workout program meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between your current fitness level and your aspirations.

Beyond physical training, my program delves into the realm of fitness mindset enhancement. Through targeted mindset work, I'll assist you in goal-setting, habit formation, bolstering willpower, and identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that may impede your progress.

Your journey begins with a comprehensive health and lifestyle consultation, including specific measurements and fitness testing tailored to your objectives. These initial assessments serve as benchmarks against which I measure your progress and tailor future training sessions accordingly. Nutritional guidance is also available, with the option of referral to a registered dietitian if necessary.

The training sessions, available in 30 or 60-minute durations, take place in a secure and private environment either at my studio in Whitstable or outdoors. Utilizing a diverse array of equipment including TRX Suspension, TRX RIP bar, free weights, Core momentum trainer, and skill-to-performance programming, each session is crafted to maximize results while ensuring safety and efficacy.

I'll maintain regular communication throughout the week to provide ongoing support and accountability, ensuring you stay on track towards achieving your goals.

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The Prices

For one to one Personal Training

10 x 60 min PT sessions = £400
5 x 60 min PT sessions = £250
4 x 30 min sessions = £110
1 Year Personal Training is available from £1800
Tv and Media = £120 per hour 

Customized packages are available, and i am happy to discuss alternative blocks to suit your individual needs..